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Ultimate Summer Beach Checklist

If you’re heading to the beach, from pond to ocean, this list will prepare you for almost anything you might need while you’re there.

💪🏽 How To Get Strong - New York Times 🏋🏻‍

Make Time - Find Focus & Energy In Your Daily Life

Steps to Raise Caring, Ethical Children -

Research in human development clearly shows that the seeds of empathy, caring, and compassion are present from early in life, but that to become caring, ethical people, children need adults to help them at every stage of childhood to nurture these seeds into full development.

We should work to cultivate children's concern for others because it's fundamentally the right thing to do, and also because when children can empathize with and take responsibility for others, they're likely to be happier and more successful. They'll have better relationships their entire lives, and strong relationships are a key ingredient of happiness.

In today's workplace, success often depends oncollaborating effectively with others, and children who are empathetic and socially aware are also better collaborators.

Below are a set of guideposts to raising caring, respectful, and ethical children, along with tips for putting them into action. These guideposts are supported by many studies and by the work that our various organizations have conducted over several decades with families across America.

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Master Your Time, Master Your Life - Brian Tracy

Original article:

🏆 How To Be Successful In Any Job - 80,000 Hours Checklist ✔️

👨‍⚕️ Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen Checklist 👨‍🍳

How To Speed Up Your Jekyll Blog With Todoist

I went through this checklist while creating this blog! Talk about meta. I found it to be a good resource, not super comprehensive, but good enough to notice some improvements on page load times. Definitely check this out if you have some spare time to devote to your Jekyll blog. This next introduction is copied directly from

New and Improved To-Do Templates

Hi there, my name is Jeffrey. A couple years ago I founded

Feynman Technique

A Todoist Template based on The Feynman Technique. This will help to learn anything Quickly.

Podcast Episode Checklist

Our checklist for producing an episode. Includes tasks for sound editing, producers, tech team, and host.

Butterfly Challenge

No Description

What to Pack (on a Trip of any Length)

What to pack when traveling? An old adage suggests bringing half as much clothing and twice as much money. This is a list of the maximum amount of stuff one should ever need to cart around (and all of it except for what you'll be wearing will fit into a single carry-on-sized bag).

Eliminate items whenever possible. Minimize clothing by selecting a uniform (one or two) colour scheme. Choose fabrics carefully: natural fabrics wrinkle more easily and dry more slowly than modern synthetics. Learn to bundle wrap, to avoid wrinkles and save space. And remember that there are two kinds of luggage: carry-on and lost!

Google ML Crash Course

Glenn Carstens-Peters

Stephen King Novels

No Description
Morgan Harper Nichols

The Modern Web Design Process

No Description
Igor Miske

CISCO CCNA 200-125

This is the blueprint for the Cisco Certified Network Administrator exam v3 (200-125). You can find the blueprint on the official Cisco site at the link below.

Information System Assessment Template

No Description
Tobias Fischer

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Though it's the last thing we want to think about, there is a huge need for all of us to be prepared for a disaster of any kind. Ideally, you will have a supply kit equipped for a period of at least 72 hours that is stored somewhere cool, dry and easily accessible—some good spots can include your garage, closet, or basement. Use this list to check off each item until you have a complete emergency preparedness kit suitable for you and your household. Don't get caught off guard; be stocked and ready!

Taken from

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Todoist International Travel Checklist

No Description
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How to Start a Successful Online Retail Business

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The Ultimate YouTube Creators Checklist: Recording, Editing, Publishing & Sharing.

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Create a Mini Online Course - from Teachable

Courtesy of

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Tesi di Laurea

No Description
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Preparazione di esami per gli studenti.

No Description
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Side Quests

No Description
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English Chinese Translation Review and Check List

No Description
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Basic Grocery List

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Family Camping Checklist

No Description
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild list of shrines

No Description
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Change of Address List

Moving? Use this list to make sure you change your address for everyone everwhere!

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GTD Weekly Review

A checklist to address the GTD Weekly Review

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KonMari Decluttering

No Description
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Employee Attendance Template

This gives me a quick way to enter info if I am not in my office.

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Push Up Training For Beginners

No Description
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Push Up

No Description
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Todoist Training Project

This project template contains 11 tasks designed to quickly bring you up to speed with the main features of Todoist.

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The House Cleaning Routine

This is a case study project I created for my Working With Todoist book that I thought I would share with you guys. It can of course be modified for any other type of routine you may have to do.

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The Ultimate List: 50 Online Local Business Directories - Hubspot

One way local businesses can get found is through inclusion in online directories. Adding a listing to these online directories is easy, but if you only list in a few, you're really missing a huge opportunity to get found by online searchers.

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Art of Manliness - 30 Days to a Better Man

A basic project, one task per day. Each task is a link that will take you to the original AOM article. All rights and ownership given to the original authors, this project will simply track your progress. The last task is provided for you to share your feedback.Good luck!

Toddler Day-Pack Checklist

No Description
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Art of Manliness 31 Day Journaling Challenge

This list is based on the Art of Manliness article about how to kickstart your journaling in the new year. This list contains all the prompts and relative dates so that you can start this whenever you want.

All credit of the content goes solely to the AoM Blog Post

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How to create tasks that recur without a due date in Todoist

Every now and then you’ll come across something you’d like to do from now on, a habit you want to create, maybe an extra task you want to complete each day.

Praticare Atti di Generosità verso Tutti

No Description
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Send Holiday Greeting Cards to Friends and Family

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'Sight & Sound' / BFI Best Films of 2016

The British Film Institute / 'Sight & Sound' magazine annual list of the year's best movies, curated from the votes of 163 critics and curators. Each movie has a link to the trailer, the IMDB page and, where available, the Sight & Sound review.

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Ottieni Inbox Zero

No Description
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10 Bourbons to try

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LinkedIn Training: 21 Steps to the Perfect Profile

No Description
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The App Launch Checklist

There are so many things to think about! When should you start working on your press kit? What is the best way to track your acquisition channels? How can you get featured on Product Hunt?

At Branch, our mission is to help with app discovery. This checklist tool draws from best practices we have seen work in the real world, supplemented with insights gathered from around the web.

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Adjustable Class Study Schedule v2

This is a template to schedule study activities using a textbook. There is an interactive python (2.7) program that gathers the data to create a custom template so you don't have to.

The 21st Century's 100 greatest films

No Description
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The 2016 SEO Checklist

No Description
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Sample Marketing (Social, Email, Blog) Campaign for Client

No Description
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A Chapter A Day

As a software engineer, productivity enthusiast, and lover of sci-fi novels, I spend a lot of time plowing through thick books seeking to learn new skills, improve myself, or just enjoy another world.

I've used this template dozens of times to keep me on the right track as I seek to learn and grow throughout my life. I've kept the template as simple as possible, leaving it open to customization based on your own personal workflow.

Chapter 20 is scheduled for "+19 days", so you can easily add chapters to the schedule starting at "+20 days".Removing extra chapters can be done by either checking off the task or by selecting "delete task" from the edit task dropdown.

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The Doist Team Reading List

Courtesy of the Todoist team on their blog:

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Share your project - Social Media Campaign with Todoist

This might be confusing so bare with me for a moment.

I have the pleasure of working with the Todoist team for an upcoming campaign to promote To-do Templates. This template is what I'm working on over the next week, and I just had a thought, it might be fun to share this and get your minds thinking before the launch. Feel free to follow along with me :)

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Compra para el desayuno

No Description
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Elon Musk's Favorite Books

No Description
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A cool little Todoist app for Windows 10 users

Hello my Todoist friend.

A quick update on the latest changes and fixes on 8/8/2016:

A big thanks to Omar for his help in getting all of these items resolved.

The Security Checklist

Security issues happen for two reasons -

Developers who have just started and cannot really tell a difference between using MD5 or bcrypt.Developers who know stuff but forget/ignore them.

Our detailed explanations should help the first type while we hope our checklist helps the second one create more secure systems. This is by no means a comprehensive guide, it just covers stuff based on the most common issues we have discovered in the past.

Original Article on Github

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Step by Step SEO Tutorial

Came across this post today, going to try out these steps.

Courtesy of Allred on Medium

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Body Beast/P90X3 Hybrid

If you've got the workouts from Beachbody, why not mix it up a little? Contains a nice program

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Body Beast Bulk

Sagi Kalev's great Body Beast Program through Beachbody. This is the BULK program (because, really, you didn't come here to just "tone")
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Blog sharing checklist

Original article posted at

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How I remind myself to pay bills each month

Monthly tasks to pay your bills, with some convenient links in the task title
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How to share your Todoist project in 10 seconds

This is probably the most underrated feature of Todoist. It’s super simple, and you get the option of either a URL to copy and paste, or a .CSV file for your personal records.

A Magical Todoist Feature You Haven't Tried Yet

This find comes from some fun experiments over the last few weeks.

How to Practice Gratitude

You can find the course here:

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Insanity Workout

Starting "Today" and organised as per the official workout, split into each week of the program.

Original credit to Dan Delaney.

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Give Back to Humanity

A quick way to share the love and be a better human... donate blood, volunteer, register to vote
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How to Create a Perfect Blog Post by Hubspot

Read the full article here.

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Healthy Home Maintenance Checklist

Just a heads up, there are around 50 recurring tasks in here, most are every 6-12 months. All are arguably important - delete what you don't need :)


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GTD Weekly Review

Add this project for a super-quick way to add a weekly review to your workflow. There are a couple items on a daily basis (process your inbox, clear off your desk). I left these in to help establish a consistent habit. You can remove these once you're used to them.

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Building A Presentation

Just edit the headings (or you could create them as sub-projects)

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Sample template for learning Android programming

Includes links to courses on, Udacity, Coursera

Courtesy of @odsamuels on the Todoist blog.

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Earth Day Steps to Save the Planet

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Moving Checklist

You should try to use this at least 2 months in advance.

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How to keep a clean home - an organized checklist to help you CLEAN like the DICKENS

Inspired by Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home

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Car Buying Project

A full, step by step project to help you buy a new car
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Craft an effective Email Marketing Strategy

Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Strategy Guide by Beth Hayden

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Personal Branding Checklist

This checklist is courtesy of Primer: Marketing Lessons from Google

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The Top Secret Blueprint to Conquering Your Email, by Jill Duffy

Jill Duffy is the author of Get Organized: How to Clean Up Your Messy Digital Life, and is a writer at PC Mag.

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How I would use Todoist in College/University

Link to original discussion on Reddit(

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How to Invest in Yourself

Link to original article: How to Invest in Yourself

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Create Viral Blog Content

Link to original article: 20 Simple Steps to 'Viral' Content Creation from The Hustle

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

Create A Marketing Persona

by Talia Wolf on Conversioner

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Create a High Converting Webinar

Link to original article

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My 10 Daily Habits - Sean Macmannis

My 10 Daily Habits (inspired by Leap Day!)Author: Sean Macmannis

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

12 Powerful Habits to Practice Each Day

Posted by Dean Bokhari on Medium

  1. Before you go to bed at night, tell your brain, "wake me up at __ a.m."Unless you got drunk the night before, you'll likely start waking up right before the alarm clock startles you awake.
  2. If the subconscious command doesn't work,set the alarm on your smartphone and put it far enough away from your bed so you have to physically get up to shut your alarm off in the morning when it goes off. You'll be less likely to hit snooze once you're already up.
  3. Drink a liter of water upon rising.Most people are under-energized because they're under-hydrated. Hydration is energy. Keep a liter of water at your bedside table before bed, and crush it immediately upon rising.
  4. After you brush your teeth, pause for a moment and smile at yourself.Then say, "I love you." Most people don't love themselves enough. As Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." If you are what you repeatedly do, then why not repeatedly affirm something positive to yourself?
  5. Take walks.Walking has been known to help people solve problems, come up with new ideas, and have epiphanies that seem to have come out of nowhere. But they don't come out of nowhere. They were there all along. Taking a walk just changes the context from 'desk' to 'nature'. And nature is going to win almost every time.
  6. Get grateful.If you feel sad, if you feel like you don't have enough of something; STOP and think of three things you're grateful for. You'll immediately feel better, I promise.
  7. Meditate for 10–20 minutes.If you don't know how, just sit down somewhere quiet and count to 4 while you inhale; then 4 more counts as you exhale. Just focus on your breath.
  8. Do your ONE most important thing first.Before beginning your work, review your ONE most important thing you need to do today. Then get started on it. Your focus and effectiveness will before far higher when you approach your day this way.
  9. Compliment one person every day.I started doing this several years ago and it feels great to give someone something without expecting a damn thing in return. In fact, you get a biochemical reaction of "happy chemicals" like oxytocin and serotonin when you give genuine compliment to someone.
  10. Sweat every day.Speaking of "happy chemicals," exercising — or at least finding a way to sweat every day — is one of the highest leverage things you can do for your overall health and happiness. When you're physically healthier, you become professionally healthier as a bi-product.
  11. Revisit your day and remember the good stuff.Write it down in your journal if you can. I like to end each day by asking myself, "What's the best thing that happened today?"
  12. Read every day. The greatest way to get the greatest ideas is to read, read, read.

Publish 6 Blog Posts Every Week - Jon Westenberg (

Link to original article: How To Publish 6 Blog Posts Every Week - Jon Westernberg

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Social Media Checklist for Managers

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Weekly Meal Menu Ideas

Download the template, and add due dates to these simple, healthy recipes from the Pinch of Yum so you'll always be prepared with a nutritious meal.

Includes 5 meal ideas each for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

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