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New and Improved To-Do Templates

Date: August 4, 2018    

Hi there, my name is Jeffrey. A couple years ago I founded


At the time, Todoist had just closed their public forums. There were a lot of users out there with plenty to say and no where to say it. That’s why a lot of us moved to /r/Todoist. I noticed a large interest in sharing to-do lists and projects, so I hobbled together Since then, we’ve shared 100+ templates to 500+ email subscribers! In addition the community on r/Todoist has grown to 5,000+ members!

The first version of this website used Telescope, an open-source web app like Reddit or Product Hunt, to create a community around Todoist projects. I tried several times to update the platform, but it would break only several weeks later, forcing me to start from scratch. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to stay up to date maintaining this cutting edge web app. While there won’t be the same level of autonomy for the community, updates for me will be easier. I will continue to share templates that are submitted and to find ones that may be interesting or useful.


I’m happy to share with you this new update. To-Do Templates will now be:

  • Faster - Pages are light, static HTML served on super-fast worldwide CDN.
  • Secure - Server is now plain HTML served on HTTPS without logins or passwords.
  • Easier to Update - A simpler site means less back-end work and fewer bugs.

Good news for all of us! As a bonus, with the time saved from maintaining, you can expect to see the following:

  • More Screen-casts
  • More Tutorials
  • More Quality Checklists

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