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A quick update on the latest changes and fixes on 8/8/2016:

Date: August 8, 2016     Tags:

A big thanks to Omar for his help in getting all of these items resolved.

  1. Posts no longer require approval. I haven’t seen any out of left field posts or spam for that matter, so I think we’re cool to loosen up the leash a bit.

  2. Thumbnails no more. We weren’t using them effectively and their images sometimes had little correlation to the content. They’re now removed from the post-edit form also.

  3. Daily view function is now fixed. Some update recently prevented this from working.

  4. Second import button added to posts without a preview. On posts where preview did not work, the second import button was missing. This is now fixed.

  5. Unfurl now generates post-specific content for every post (URL, title, description, etc.). Instead of seeing the ToDo logo for every link you share (which you still might see), you will now see unique and specific content related to your post.